Why a Glazed Extension is a Great Way to Expand Your Home

Building an extension is something that homeowners are doing a lot these days. As property prices rise, homeowners are finding it harder to afford to upgrade to larger properties so are remaining in the same home for longer.

Building an extension has several advantages. Not only will it increase the amount of space in your home, it might also increase its worth. So if you want a larger home, an extension can offer you more space in the short-term and could help you buy a bigger property in the long run.

There many types of extension around. Conservatories have been consistently popular and now conservatory replacement is common. But one of the biggest new home expansion trends around is glazed extensions.

Refurbishing or replacing conservatories

Over the last 10 years, the conservatory refurbishment business has thrived. Conservatories have been around for long enough now to mean that a considerable number need refurbishing. So while property owners are still installing new conservatories, there are also lots of people refurbishing or replacing old ones.

These older conservatories are typically traditional designs, like Victorian or Edwardian. They usually have brick dwarf walls and white frames. But while conservatory repair work is lucrative, there’s an even bigger profitable business around. This is the glazed extension business.

Building a glazed extension

Initially, a glazed extension might just appear to be an alternative name for a conservatory. That is, after all, essentially what a conservatory is. But a glazed extension is any type of extension that has glazed parts.

Products like lantern roofs and bi-fold doors mean that if you want a glazed extension, you’re not just limited to a conservatory. Instead, you could create a bespoke glazed extension to match your design taste. And this adaptability is why the glazed extension industry is so successful. Lots of homeowners leap at the chance to put their own individual mark on their property.

So if you’re thinking about constructing an extension on your property, don’t forget about glazed extensions. It could be that you want a traditional conservatory and this could be a brilliant choice; conservatories usually look good with many different styles of property. But if you’re feeling creative and want to choose something alternative, a glazed extension is a great option.

Evy Coe

Evy works for Quotatis as a Content Marketing Executive. She loves to write about interior design and help homeowners with their DIY projects.