The big decision: Relocate or extend

No matter your reason for needing more space in the home, you’ll have a decision to make. Do you extend the property or consider relocating? Of course, to extend your home you’ll need land available, or you may even be thinking of a loft or garage conversion.

Whichever you decide, there are pros and cons for both, but depending on your circumstance it can often be a lot cheaper to stay put and improve your current home.

There’s no doubt about it though; an extension can be a daunting process for many. After all, it’s likely to take a few months and there’ll be mess and upheaval during this time. But, with an extension you’ll add a wealth of value to your home and have well-planned space.

There are plenty of costs and factors to take into account though, and you’ll need to consider builders, architects and surveyors, as well as planning permission and Building Regulations. Planning permission isn’t always necessary depending on your home, but Building Regulations is something you can’t escape from.

Of course, you do have another option of moving home, but believe it or not, the costs are going to stack up just as much, if not quicker. Not only do you have estate agent payments and solicitor fees, but there’s also a huge payment included for stamp duty. Then of course there are the extra fees such as removal vans. When you consider that you may be in your dream home now once it’s extended, it’s a lot of hassle for no reason.

It’s true though that the final decision can only be left to you. Everyone will have their own personal preference and a lot will come down to your circumstances and if the extension will do your home justice. Just make sure you don’t take a huge chunk out of the garden and ensure your home will look great once the work has been completed.

Tom Crosswell

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