House extension cost guide

More and more people are choosing to stay and improve their property rather than relocate. Not only does this improve your experience of the home for the time being and boost the chance of a sale in the future, but it also increases the value of your property.

House extensions are a popular way to do this. It’s possible to extend in any direction; on the ground or first floor, and you can either make one of your existing rooms larger or create new space entirely.

This is the beauty with extending your home. You have the ultimate say in exactly how the installation turns out. Whether it’s extending the living or dining space or adding an extra bedroom, you’ll value to your home in the process.

House extension cost guide
There are a number of house extensions you could opt for, deciding on the right size for your home and garden. Here are some of the country’s average house extension prices:

  • Single storey house extension cost – £22,619
  • Average house extension cost – £25,000
  • Two storey house extension cost – £45,415

Be aware the price guide above is only intended as a reference point. If you’re considering a house extension then make sure to compare up to four house extension quotes with Quotatis’ quick and easy service.

The benefits of a house extension

Extensions can be built on top of existing rooms in the home or as an add-on to the ground floor of your property. Whether it’s to add value to the home or cater for a growing family there are many benefits for an extension.

These include:

  • Increasing the value of your home

Effectively, adding a house extension is increasing your property’s size, so in turn the value will also rise. How much you can increase value by will be ultimately determined by what you utilise the space for.

  • Creating additional space

An extension gives you the opportunity to benefit from more space in the home. Whether you want to extend your kitchen or have a bedroom or bathroom fitted, the extra space can be used throughout the year and be appealing to prospective buyers in the future too.

  • Avoiding the expense of moving

There’s no doubt about it, moving home is an expensive process. There are thousands of pounds in fees to be paid, including stamp duty, estate agent payments and solicitor bills. Avoid all of this by instead improving your own home and adding valuable space with an extension.

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